Mamagenuity Webinar Series

Mamagenuity Webinar Series
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Product Description

For the woman with lots of different shoes to fill…

… and the desire to stamp her own footprint

Mamagenuity…. Don't just imagine the possibilities ~ live them

Two of the country's leading creativity experts have teamed up for a power-packed series to help you unleash your creative ingenuity at home and in your business~

The main event takes place: Tuesday, February 22nd Thursday, February 24th Tuesday, March 1st

All webinars are 60 minutes and begin at 4pm PST/ 5pm MNT/ 7pm EST

Space is limited. Invest in yourself today!

This program is right for you if:

· You are a chief business woman and a chief mom trying to balance all work and life have to offer

· You feel personally or professionally like you are stuck in a holding pattern and can’t move forward

· You know you need a dose of creativity to spark new ideas, opportunities and joy in your work and family life

· You’ve got some great ideas percolating but need an imaginative boost to bring them to life

· You want to connect with other mompreneurs seeking to unlock creative potential

· You’d like to build better relationships at home and in your business

· You have the world at your feet, and want to make the best of it

In this powerful 3 part session you can expect to:

· Discover keys that unlock doors to your child’s head and heart

· Master tools to help build better communication skills for your family and business worlds

· Engage in interactive exercises that liberate your creative energy and add sparks to everyday activities

· Tap the power of your imagination and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

· Unearth great ideas hiding in plain sight and find innovative thinking on the fringes

· Harness creativity to shift your perspective of what’s possible

You’ll finish the program with:

· Your own uniquely designed treasure map to your hidden creative genius

· ‘Power’ tools to cultivate your extraordinary creative passion

· The know-how to blaze your next trail

· The ability to turn your passions into profits through innovation, entrepreneurship and imagination

· Ultimate creative toolbox to reach your entrepreneurial dreams

· The talent to think and deliver new, fresh ideas for business and life that thrive!

Space is limited. Invest $125 today and change your life tomorrow. You know you have it in you!

Investment includes all 3 webinars, downloadable recordings of all webinars and all worksheets. Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email and further details.

Creativity Expert Bios

A little bit about Debbie Mancini-Wilson:

* Family Creativity Expert for NBC and CBS morning shows * Best-Selling Author of ‘Color My World’ * Award-Winning Poet * Radio Personality * Speaker/Coach * Workshop Leader * Most Importantly, Wife and Mom

If you’ve seen her on television, heard her on the radio, participated in one of her interactive workshops, or have been motivated by her books and articles, you know that Debbie’s ardent mission is to help children and adults tap into their imagination, and nurture creative self-expression. These abilities help us to enhance our individual authenticity, and ultimately live happier by living true to ourselves and our life-purposes. Once we cultivate our ingenuity, just about everything becomes easier. Don't you want to be one of 'those people' who wakes up each day and makes a conscious decision to grasp ~with both hands~ the tools to make great things happen? It's easier than you might think ... and it's way more fun than what you already know! And, as a parent, what could be more fulfilling than passing these awesome secrets along to your children?

Quotes from Debbie’s fans…

"Debbie is a Wow!"

"Debbie transforms the room into a wonderland of ideas and imagination!"

"I would recommend Debbie to everyone!"

"I can't believe how much I learned about my granddaughter during Debbie's session!"

A little bit about Tamara – Chief Imaginator

Tamara G. Kleinberg is an idea tinkerer, serial entrepreneur, nationally published author, innovation artist and family gal. You’ve probably seen her in the New York Times, NBC, WB, Woman’s World and many other international media. She is the founder and Chief Imaginator of Imaginibbles, an organization dedicated to helping people and organizations unleash their right-brain superpowers and unlock creative potential so that they can thrive through innovative thought and action. She travels the globe speaking and training organizations and associations looking to ignite innovation, unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, provoke new ideas and challenge people to unlock their creative potential. People all over spark their imagination with Imaginibbles products, apparel and ideas. For the past 17 years Tamara has advised companies such as Procter and Gamble, General Mills, Clorox, WhiteWave Foods and IBM on fostering innovative ideas and people. She has run multi-million dollar businesses and launched a few of her own.

Imaginibbles and Tamara are based out of Denver, Colorado. As a kid in computer camp she won the “I’ll try anything once” award. A motto she still lives by. Tamara believes in the Dream Big Promise, donating 50 Lifestraw® – award winning portable water filter -to women and children in need for every Imaginibbles paid speech, workshop and training program and 1 Lifestraw® for every product, tool and apparel sold.

“Truly amazing! I came away with great information on how to tap into my inner creativity and apply it in my business”

“I trust others will have this first-hand privilege to celebrate "Tamara's" one-of-a-kind "Imagnibble" sparkling splendor!”

“She tackles each challenge with a unique perspective that results in both innovative and actionable strategies that deliver results.”