Dreams & Drinks Party Kit

Dreams & Drinks Party Kit
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Product Description

Yummmm….an evening of dreams and drinks with friends. What could be better than that!

Now you can enjoy an evening with friends talking, sharing and bringing your dreams and passions to life with the Dreams and Drinks Kit.

In one place you’ll find all the essentials for an evening that will last a lifetime.

We’ll provide: • A creative process that helps you crystallize your strengths, passions and dreams in an imaginative and fun approach. • Interactive worksheets that will guide you through the journey, spark conversation and provoke new thoughts • The tools to build your personalized dream board with real artist canvas, paint brush, paint (red, blue, yellow, green & white), painters tray, paint brush, glue stick, pen, star stickers • The perfect kit for an evening of dreaming, laughter and joy

You’ll bring: • Your drink of choice • Scissors, a range of your favorite magazines and a sense of discovery and curiosity for the journey ahead • Dreams, dreams and more dreams

As a result, you will: • Smile from an evening well spent with friends • Identify and let go of what’s holding you back • Ignite your creative potential and harness that power in your every day life • Gain clarity around your life’s passions and strengths and how you can use those to achieve your potential • Build a tangible vision through pictures, words and ideas that will act as your beacon of focus for the future • Remind yourself daily with a piece of personal art for your walls and the daily activity of placing stars on your board every time you do something that brings you closer to your dreams Comes in packs of 2,4 and 6 packs. Bring one friend, bring many…dream big together!